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New gen sleep testing needs
Comfortable, fast, test at home, and high quality

Most of Taiwan's population suffers from chronic insomnia, while there are only 260 polysomnography (PSG) beds in Taiwan and the number of people served each year is limited. Therefore, there is a serious shortage of sleep monitoring resources in some areas of Taiwan. In addition, some people feel uncomfortable with undergoing polysomnography in hospital wards , thus causing delayed illness diagnosis and even worsening other chronic diseases.

In order to solve the above problems, this new generation of at-home sleep testing device allows for easy and pleasant detection of sleep apnea, sleep quality, nocturnal hypoxia, continuous oxygen desaturation, heart rate, fast screening for arrhythmia and dysautonomia ...etc.

By leveraging the most advanced wireless sensing technology, Largan CPC can help you track and monitor physiological information without interference The sleep quality assessment report can present the Apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) and type, sleep structure and quality analysis, Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) and analysis, rapid screening for cardiac arrhythmia, heart rate and heart rate variability analysis, nighttime wakeup analysis, sleep posture analysis, and heart rate variability analysis, which can be used by physicians to develop appropriate sleep treatment plans for you based on the test data.

Is there a way to perform sleep tests on
100, 1,000, 10,000 or more people at the same time?

The first medical-grade cloud sleep
LARGAN CPC ® analytics technology

LARGAN CPC® New Gen Sleep Testing Features

  • No conductive wires required for the device with zero interference on sleep.
  • Automatic analysis of sleep data results, no need for manual interpretation.
  • Easy to detect, suited for long-term monitoring and efficacy tracking.
  • Convenient for large-scale screening of potential patients (sleep screening).
  • No hospitalization: your home is the monitoring station, for a true reflection of the sleep status.

LARGAN CPC ® Medical Grade Sleep Cloud

Data Collection

Extract sleep data with the LARGAN CPC® device.

Data Extraction

Extract sleep data via computer or mobile device for uploads to the cloud.

Data Analysis (Sleep Cloud)

Rapidly analyze sleep data using " the first medical-grade cloud sleep analytics technology " in Taiwan.

Sleep Analysis Report

Generate reports from cloud analysis, including respiratory disorder index, apnea type, respiratory structure and posture.

Doctors / Specialists

Suggest effective treatment through physician or expert interpretation of sleep analysis results.

Continuous Tracking

Continuous tracking of sleep status and treatment effectiveness.

Medically certified by TFDA