Aims and Objectives

We are committed to integrating advanced medical research with smart medical technology, enabling the development of highly accessible and convenient clinical applications to enhance the health of all people. Empowered by strong medical-grade sleep analysis algorithms, AIOT and cloud capabilities, we have become the No. 1 brand for at-home sleep health testing services in Taiwan and aim to expand to the international market with our state-of -the-art products and services.

About Us

We are the first company in Taiwan to have a medically certified AI Sleep Cloud, and offer the first pioneering sleep testing product in Taiwan to be clinically validated by National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, China Medical University Hospital and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital.

Established in 2019, Largan Health is a subsidiary of Largan Precision, and is dedicated to developing and promoting medical and professional-grade sleep monitoring systems for medical institutions and home applications.

Refer to the theory of cardiopulmonary coupling (CPC) from Harvard Medical School, the product is developed and commercialized by integrating other related dynamic physiological indicators and empowered by Taiwan's strengths in sleep medicine research and ICT-AI technology. We have developed a number of medical-grade hardware and software products, and established the nation's newest medical-grade Sleep Cloud. Our technology allows doctors and the public to measure physiological signals during nighttime sleep in an accurate and more comfortable approach, and then analyze physiological information such as sleep apnea, sleep quality, sleep posture, body movement, awaking at night, heart rate variability (HRV), low blood oxygen, rapid screening of arrhythmias, dysautonomia , etc., in the hope of contributing to sleep health.

Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC) is a well established academic theory of sleep that has been studied at Harvard Medical School for many years, but there are many challenges and breakthroughs that need to be made if the academic theory is to be converted into a clinically accessible and accurate product for commercial use.

Largan CPC® has successfully combined the strengths of Taiwan's advanced medical, ICT, IOT technologies and AI machine learning to research and develop the LARGAN CPC® sleep physiological signal analysis technology.

The LARGAN CPC® integrates the physiological detection and recording equipment self-developed by Largan Precision in Taiwan. The physiological signals are sampled, filtered, and stored using a customized and unique data processing technologies to ensure the most complete physiological signals with zero distortion. Together with years of accumulated clinical test data, combined with AI machine learning algorithms, we have significantly improved the accuracy of analysis.

The advanced version, LARGAN CPC advance®, wirelessly integrates ECG, respiratory and blood oxygen physiological information, providing physicians with high-level precision analysis and more physiological information to aid in medical diagnosis for precise medical treatment. At the same time, it achieves the goal of "wireless comfort and convenience" for physiological monitoring during sleep.

On October 1&2,2022,.At the Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine.

The sleep testing results of the multi-center clinical examination conducted by Taipei Veterans General Hospital, China Medical University Hospital and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and was published by poster in the venue.

According to the achievement of research project, our product was compared with analytical results of PSG testing have high accuracy, high sensitivity, high specificity.

Privacy Pledge

Our goal is to help everyone live a healthier, more energetic life. Our products apply the results from the latest medical research to the clinical setting, using cutting-edge medical research to analyze and calculate user health and fitness data to improve the health of all people. We have developed these tools with a commitment to respecting your privacy, ensuring the security of your data, and allowing you to decide whether to use and share the information. Here is our commitment to safeguarding your privacy:

  • We will only collect information that is useful for improving the products, services and experience of Largan Health.
  • We process information in an open and transparent manner and use clear language to explain it.
  • We will never sell your information and will only share your personal information with your written consent (or in certain circumstances as described in our Privacy Policy).
  • We will cooperate fully with your requests to supplement, correct, stop collecting, processing or using your personal information, or to delete your personal information.
  • We will always take the security of your data seriously.

Our Proprietary Technology

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